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For last decade in treatment of erectile dysfunction, a problem which face hundred millions men worldwide, appreciable successes have been reached. Now effective peroral preparations are accessible to treatment of disturbances of the erection concerning pharmacological group of inhibitors phosphodiesterase 5 types some. The given review devoted treating of various characteristics, including comparative efficiency of one of these preparations - buy Cialis online. It is approved for clinical application in Europe in February, 2003. Tadalafil possesses all advantages of inhibitors phosphodiesterase 5 types, and also has a series of unique properties. In particular as one of the basic advantages tadalafil consider the long period of deducing (17,5 hours), providing long action of a preparation (36 hours and more). Is produced in the form of tablets, it is available in dosage - 10, 20, 40, 60 mg. Cialis it is necessary to accept no more than 1 time a day and as already it has been noted earlier, unlike sildenafil the fat nutrition and alcohol do not influence its pharmacokinetics. Tadalafil, as well as phosphodiesterase 5 types, it is impossible to combine other inhibitors with acceptance of Sodium nitritums.

Efficiency buy Cialis online is rather high. At the integrated analysis 11 randomized, the placebo-supervised researches including in total by 2102 sick erectile dysfunction, it has been shown that frequency of successful attempts of sexual intercourse after acceptance Cialis in doses has reached of 20 and 40 mg of 61 and 72% accordingly while accepting placebo this indicator was peer group of 34%. Improvement of quality of an erection as a result of acceptance of 20 mg buy Cialis online have noted 84 % of patients. In total 54% of patients against treatment had indicators of the International index of erectile function more than 26 that corresponds to normal value. Considering the long period of action tadalafil, appreciable interest represents also its efficiency to different terms from the moment of acceptance. This point in question has been studied within the limits of the generalised analysis 5 randomized the placebo-supervised, double blind researches including in total 1112 patients. Clinical efficiency buy Cialis online accrued within first 4 hours after its acceptance and remained at high level throughout one and a half days. The basic by-effects tadalafil are the headache (12%-15%), a dyspepsia (7-8%) and dorsodynias (5-6%). Ceased acceptance Cialis owing to development of by-effects of 1,6% of the patients receiving it in a dose of 10 mg, and 3,2% of patients - in a dose of 20 mg.







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